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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Went to singapore during the weekend to attend my cousin's wedding. Honestly, i never meet this cousin of mine before. So this will be the first time i'll be seeing him. The trip this time is much better compared to last year's one. Got more time to walk around, see stuff, tho not as much as i wanted to.
Taking the bus is really time consuming. The bus left at 10.30am and we only managed to reach s'pore at around 5pm. Didn't really do much the first day. Visited the National Library Building nearby.

Call me jakun or whatever, but this library is really awesome. i don't mind sitting in there the whole day.
Note: photographs are all taken by my sister.
She takes the photographs, and even told me how to pose.

I'm not sure whether u can see it clearly. On the baby clothe it writes 'Shit happens' XDPool side wedding.

The bride and the groom coming in.Reading the wedding vow i think.The poolside wedding attracted the kids in the pool.

Girl A:"I want a poolside wedding next time."

Officially husband and wife. yay.

Not on the lips?

The photographer is especially proud of this picture she took above.

Before the dinner.

Not many pictures taken on the dinner. Cuz the camera died. I took the cable used to transfer the pics into the computer, thinking it was the charger instead of bringing the real battery charger. aargh.

11:00:00 AM

Monday, August 31, 2009

明年新年? 希望吧.

12:15:00 PM

Friday, August 28, 2009

teresa is doing math.
okay it's a mistake. i didn't intend to update this blog using this plurk statement. i also just realised it. (explaination to MO :))
anyway, i know i've said it already and it's abit too late but i'm going to say it again.
a BIG thank you to those who celebrated my birthday last week.
the surprise u all planned did work.i didn't expected it to be a picnic style.
it's somewhere in kepong. parkcity? waterpark? citypark? kepong la in short.
but next time if u planning another surprise,please let me know dress code.
if i knew it'll in a park, i'd jsut wear t-shirt and jeans. i thought we'll go to some mall. ;P

i had a pretty good time at the park and souled-out. :)

okay can't write more. my mom is bugging me to let her see some blog.==ciaos. til the next time i have the mood to put some crap inside here.

back to chemistry.

6:28:00 PM

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sometimes i think i get too comfortable with life that i tend to forget how blessed i am actually.
Was talking to this person on the bus.
We met occasionally on the bus stop.
So happened that i met him today.
We talked the usual stuff la - studies.
But then somehow it moved on into the personal life.
I don't know bout him but i find it personal.
But since he don't mind sharing, i don't mind listening.
Listening to him really taught me how i should be grateful.
Problems like doesn't like going back home..Conflicts and problems with parent to a point where dislike comes in..and the list goes on.
I'd rather my parents calling me asking where i am and telling me to come back asap rather than not bothered about my whereabouts.
There's not much advice i can tell him cuz it would be hard to put myself in his situation.
The picture i had in mind is probably just a small part of what he's facing.
I actually felt sad for him.
He left saying :
I told God i can't stand this anymore.
Which left me pondering.
There's stuff i wanted to tell him but time wouldn't allow.
But if i had that extra minute i'll tell him
pray more.
It doesn't matter how weird it feels after not praying for a long time.
Because He's always there for u.

2:37:00 PM

Friday, July 17, 2009

Finally finally finally!
I've been craving for it for months.
I've been tempted to buy a packet of it when i was at the pasar malam and hide in my room and enjoy it.
And of course being so giam siap i didn't buy it. cuz i know my parents will buy it. it's just the matter of time. so why not wait.
Last week finally the durians arrived.
Although it's not really good ones but it's good enough to satisfied my desires.

And i caught this funneh picture. no connection with the durian. just putting it up for fun.

I was reading when i came across this.
-Our personal faults are too much small to scan. This makes it easier to criticize the faults of other which seem double size-
Somewhat true.

4:30:00 PM

Monday, June 22, 2009

I started this only on sat morning. Having no idea on where to start on, i used the fastest way, google. But had a hard time to settle on what to make. It's either too simple or too complicated or it-looked-simple-but-too-bad-i-dont-have-the-source. After searching high and low, i managed to get some ideas. Started on work immediately. Think i watched 1 episode of prison break b4 starting. hehe. neway, that doesn't matter.

I proudly present to u:

The product after one hour.

As a celebration, went to klang to have BKT.
That's me on the wheel. Speeding at 120km/h. But poor atos not that canggih. 120km/h already shaky. Felt like the car might fall apart.

Sizzling babi. FAT babi.

Babi eating babi. wahahaha.

The 'teh' of the bak kut TEH.

1 small bowl cost 2 bucks. kena conned la.

Character of the day:
umbrella man.
man in tie.
i admit i'm putting more pictures and words are getting less and less.
writing is always not my forte la.

4:54:00 PM

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Almost 3/4 of the holidays is gone.
1 of the day i actually went to pulau ketam.
The place that made it to the headline of the newspaper recently.
I went there a day before someone was killed there.
It was dad's idea to go there.
Actually i thought it was a day trip.
But on that day itself only i knew that it was some company function.
So holidays mar, just follow la.
For people like tienmie who doesn't know where is pulau ketam, it's near klang.
They only have bicycles there. no other vehicles. Fyi, they don't have flushing system there. So your 'stuff' will end up on the mud below and when the tide rises it washes it off. The same thing goes on everyday. eww.

So we got there and walked walked walked until we reached this primary school.

Something that reminded me about my primary school days. Where you have all sorts of pertandingan. Pertandingan bina ayat, pertandingan tulis karangan..
One of the kid's karangan. "Saya suka makan KFC, minum Coka-Cola" :D

Trying to be artistic here. hehe.

Another thing that reminded me of my primary school days. The round duster on the left.

I didn't go there to visit the primary school. The main thing is this teochew food festival.
All kind of weird food.

How many ducks are killed for this?

char kueh gao.Beer anyone?
My ear are in torture because this huge black thing is right in front of my table.
And they have those uncles and aunties singing karaoke somemore.
More torture.
Full force amplifiers blasting into my ears.

11:02:00 AM